America: The Land of Opportunity (Even for Cokeheads)

So it turns out Barack Obama did cocaine back in the day.  In fact, he admits that in high school, he embraced the anti-Mormon lifestyle in full:  alcohol, drugs, and women.

It’s not shocking that he did it (aren’t we all pretty sure Dubya liked himself the coco powder?), but that he admitted it while the election slowly plods to one of the most crucial stages at the Iowa caucuses.

Here’s something to consider:  was Obama honestly pre-empting this, or did it just come up naturally in conversation?  Politicians can usually decide their context, even if “the context” is one of the least reported news concepts there is.  And I would think a big announcement like “I did coke” would require some thought and planning behind it.

You can’t just be a candidate nowadays and have a reporter ask you something like that and just go “eh…my strategists probably won’t mind if I admit it, but yeah, I did cocaine/had an affair/invented Ebola.  I’m just a straight-shooter!”

Even more interesting are the responses:  Rudy “Hey, We All Have Personal Flaws” Giuliani immediately defended Obama – probably to appear consistent when/if the big-time questions about his personal life come around.  Now Rudy can admit to doing cocaine or having other indiscretions without appearing inconsistent!  Obama sent this one gift-wrapped to the Rudy team.

Naturally, the person who was closer to correct was the more conservative candidate, Mitt “Rudy Has Flaws But I Don’t” Romney.  He correctly asserted that admitting to doing cocaine sends the message that you can do cocaine and still become a big-time Senator and even possibly President.

It’s true.  When Obama made his announcement, a million D.A.R.E. teachers across the nation either shook their heads or broke down in tears.  That really has to unravel their work, doesn’t it?  They spend semesters preaching the evils of tamer drugs like Marijuana, only to have a potential President come out and say “I did cocaine – and look how I turned out!”

I’m telling you, Obama is making out like a bandit.  He admits drug use and a Republican DEFENDS him!  He must go to bed at night feeling as invincible as Bill Clinton.

For all of you English majors who believe the American dream is dead, just look at Barack Obama.  In America now, you can be black, you can have done coke, and your middle name can be “Hussein” – and you’re STILL a contender for the Democratic nomination.  Apparently, in the wealthiest country around, you can have your coke and eat it, too.