Why Do I Make Fun of Liberals

I’m going to be predictable and make fun of liberals. I wouldn’t have to turn into Mr. Predictable Conservative blogger if the liberals weren’t so doggone ridiculous about how they’ve handled the California wildfires.

How so?  Let me count the ways.

Harry Reid is blaming global warming, naturally.  The evidence against that argument?  Someone set the fire.  You could make the argument that climate change made the area susceptible to a rapid expansion of the wildfires.  But you still can’t leave out the fact that SOMEONE SET THESE FIRES.

Is my point clear?  Even if no one had set these fires, directly blaming global warming for singular events isn’t the way to gather evidence.  You can believe climate change is occuring, as many of us do, without blaming every natural disaster on it.

Barbara Boxer blames Iraq for our inability to fight the fires.  Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, however, points out that only 8% of our armed forces are actually in Iraq, and there’s virtually no strain that makes us unequipped to fight the fire.  What makes us unequipped to fight the fire?  Natural events like fire tornadoes and huge, bigger-than-people firewalls.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar verifies this, saying we have all that we need.  Despite the media’s eagerness to turn this into an even more lucrative story, Katrina-style, people who have had to evacuate to QualComm stadium and other areas are plenty comfortable.

CNN President Jon Klein apparently told employees to use the California wildfires to “push” their “Planet in Peril” programs.  He said not to “irresponsibly” link the wildfires to global warming.  This is what I’m talking about when I talk about media idiocy – not necessarily individual journalists, but Presidents and editors sending out memos to push their programs for better ratings.

Honestly – even if you’re with the idea that the climate is changing and humans are responsible, are you happy to have people like Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer espousing your views?  If people like this suddenly started talking about the importance of the Space Program, I wouldn’t know whether to agree with them or punch myself in the face for seeing things their way.  Luckily that’s usually not the case.

Yes, you might disagree with Republicans – and I do sometimes too (*cough* Tort reform! *cough!) – but they don’t turn stories about hurricanes and wildfires into reasons we need to invade Iran or lower taxes.