UnderGround Recertification Record Project

Our Design and Teaching Strategy

At UGRR, we believe Excel applications should be both mechanically functional and visually striking. Our workshops teach professionals not only how to use Excel to solve technical problems effectively, they also teach how to use Excel’s visual strengths to enhance a project's appearance and usability. When we design an Excel application for a customer, we create not only a functional product, but a software “feel” for a customer that can be used to uniquely identify their Excel software.

Our Experience

At UGRR, we have created Excel software solutions for customers like Symantec, Swift Engineering and Northrop Grumman. Our training staff has taught Microsoft Excel and VBA workshops for clients such as NASA, Delphi, The US Air Force, Kaiser Permanente and Solar Turbines.

Microsoft Excel Training and Microsoft Excel VBA Training

UGRR is the leader in Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training for business and engineering professionals. We offer a wide variety of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel VBA, FORTRAN and Visual Basic ActiveX training workshops for beginners as well as advanced users. Our FORTRAN and Visual Basic ActiveX workshops provide instruction on how to use these languages with Excel VBA.

Why go with UGRR Microsoft Excel Training Solutions?

Simple. We develop Microsoft Excel applications for companies like Northrop Grumman, Caterpillar and Countrywide so everything we teach we use ourselves. Practical useful Microsoft Excel training is what we specialize in so why settle for ordinary Microsoft Excel training when you can be trained to create worksheets that look like those to the right with our help.


How are we different?

One of the biggest complaints we hear while presenting an Excel workshop is that our attendees have taken Excel training from large training companies and not learned a thing. The most common annoyances spoken were that the class was a “canned” product, the instructor was not flexible in the teaching agenda and that the information was generic. Our Microsoft Excel VBA workshops provide more Microsoft Excel topic content, detailed explanations and sought after quick tips than any other Microsoft Excel training workshops on the market. All of our Microsoft Excel/VBA training workshops provide real world applications of Microsoft Excel and VBA. They are constantly upgraded with new information based upon our Microsoft Excel software design and teaching experiences. Most of all our Microsoft Excel VBA classes can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs at no additional cost. At UGRR we know the material we teach works because we use it in our own company software and consulting projects. If it did not, you would not be reading this section.

Our Experience

UGRR has provided training for the following select companies and organizations:

  • GM
  • Ford
  • Delphi Steering
  • NASA Langley
  • NASA Goddard
  • NASA Johnson Space Center
  • JPL
  • The US Air force
  • The US Navy
  • Solar Turbines
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Decisioneering
  • Swales Aerospace

Microsoft Excel VBA FORTRAN ActiveX Consulting


UGRR specializes in the following Microsoft Excel consulting and Microsoft Excel VBA consulting areas:

Microsoft Excel VBA FORTRAN ActiveX Software Solutions

UGRR has been a leader in developing Microsoft Excel VBA software solutions since the mid 90's. We design complete Microsoft Excel VBA solutions for both engineering and business companies. Our diverse engineering / business background allows us to design such Microsoft Excel macro solutions as CAD tools, team integration tools, business management tools, information analysis tools, analysis and design tools, report generating tools, database tools and automated chart tools. Our diverse knowledge base in Microsoft Excel allows us to handle any Excel software task your company may have. We also have extensive knowledge in linking Microsoft Excel with FORTRAN and C and providing security for Excel applications using ActiveX.