5 Legal Drugs (Not Including Alcohol)

I had a good time in D.A.R.E. I won the essay contest, got a gold medal and my picture in the local paper. I liked seeing Deputy Bausch come in in full gear, brandishing weapons on his belt, wondering how quickly he could take down any one of us at any given moment. He looked [...]

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Life Expectancy Hits 78; Good Or Bad News?

Americans can now expect to live about 28,470 days as long as they’re white and male now.  If you’re female, you get to live longer; if you’re black, shorter.

The improvement was led by a drop in deaths from heart disease and stroke — two of the nation’s leading killers, according to the National Center [...]

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Are You A Dirty Commie? (A Completely Unbiased Political Quiz)

We all see a lot of those “political leanings” quizzes that supposedly tell you about your political leanings – on Facebook, on Myspace, or just on random pages you Googled. Supposedly, these tests are unbiased, but Quantum theory tells us that what we observe, we inherently change. So I’m going to take my stab at [...]

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One Problem Does Not Necessarily Equal Many

The older and smarter I get (23 years old – 23 IQ points), the more I cannot stand the mainstream media’s take on things. I’m not really talking about CNN or Fox News – I mean the sensationalist TV networks like NBC and CBS.

So a bridge collapsed. Okay. That’s a really weird, strange, and [...]

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Stop Pretending You’re a Moderate

“Moderates.” They’re some of the most annoying people to have to argue with.

They claim to have an open mind about everything, which is why they became “moderate” and “independent” of political bias, and then trash you because YOU don’t have an open mind.

Wouldn’t a truly open-minded person say “Hey, you could be right!” [...]

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What “Moderate” Really Is

I want to take this time to talk about something I’ve been thinking a lot lately, but haven’t really written here.

A lot of people like to call themselves “moderates” or fancy themselves as being “in between” the political parties. It’s like they’re too smart to be in a political party, that they follow Aristotle’s [...]

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4 Bad Things Conservative and Liberal Politicians Have In Common

As much as a conservative hates to admit it, not every conservative is righteous and not every liberal is a moron. That doesn’t mean the majority of liberals aren’t morons, mind you, it just means there might be a good one or two out there.

In today’s politics being a sociopath for a leader [...]

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Changing The World Through The Power Of Hippie

You know, when Al Gore and Co. put together something as elaborate (24 straight hours, seven continents), it’s really too easy to be cynical and basically unload your garbage on it.  That being said, “Live Earth” was really, really stupid.

And, really, that should go without saying, seeing as how more celebrity jet fuel [...]

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Five Reasons You Should Embrace Nuclear Energy

Environmentalists whine about carbon emissions and global warming and seem to totally forget that we already have a source of energy available to us that is way cleaner and way safer than burning fossil fuels.

Nuclear energy is one of those things closed-minded hippies* fear just because it’s new and different.  For consistency’s sake, if [...]

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Pay Teachers By Their Actual Merit? LOLz!

A former teacher of mine, Thomas Zachek, is a current community columnist in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and recently argued that “merit pay” isn’t a good way to overhaul a perceived “teacher-pay problem.”

“Merit pay” is essentially finding a way to evaluate teachers and pay them for performance, instead of on experience.  Zachek’s argument is that [...]

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